A downloadable game for Windows

enemies come at you every few second, after a certain number of enemies have spawned a boss spawns. only 5 waves at the moment

once you beat him the next wave starts

every wave is progressively harder

gimmick of the game: you can press C or V to have a clone of your body do your next action. Example: Left Mouse Button Click - left jab. LMB+C - one of three bodies attacks, the other two are still free to do whatever

ideally, the better you can control your combos, the more actions you can do per second


WASD for movement

double tap WASD to dash

Shift to avoid an attack (also works with C/V)

C/V to use the 2nd/3rd body (in addition to the regular button for whatever you want to do)

Q + mouse buttons = hook - does more damage

E + mouse buttons = uppercut, same damage as jab, hasn't been thought out yet. maybe it will do a guard break in the future or something

if you're dead, press R to restart the game


vidyagaem.rar 55 MB

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