Reworked formation distribution algorithm

did a big overhaul on the formation algorithm

before it had a nasty issue where if you had a few groups with the same unit combination, those units would focus on filling up their groups based on their unit percentage without regard to how big that group will get

so if you have 3 infantry, 3 heavy infantry, 3 phalanx and want to make a square (4 equal lines) you'd get 3,3,3,0

now it gets distributed correctly - 3,2,2,2

in addition to that, when working with the formation files, the unit type order chooses who gets closest to the center

heavyInfantry:0.14|phalanx:0.14|infantry:0.14 means that heavy infantry is in the center, phalanx on its sides and infantry on the outer part of the line


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Oct 13, 2017

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