A downloadable game for Windows

An RTS in the theme of the Historia Civilis youtube videos. Plays like Total War games.

Has singleplayer (only skirmish mode at the moment, and the AI doesn't really do anything) and 1v1 multiplayer.

You can edit textures for the units, and create your own formations.

Singleplayer also lets you use your own heightmap to generate the terrain.


Left mouse drag/click to select units, holding Shift adds them to the currently selected units, holding Ctrl removes them from the currently selected units.

Right mouse button to move selected units. Hold until you've chosen what direction they should be facing

Formations are on the left side of the screen.

Shift+1 to 9 saves the currently selected units into their own group. Only pressing 1-9 loads the unit group.

Mouse Scroll wheel to zoom in/out, clicking middle mouse button and dragging moves the camera

Creating custom formations:

in the formations folder, create a text file, filename doesn't matter, has to be a txt file

you have to write the info for unit groups, separated by a line



unit combination percentage(0-1) - percentage of combination of these units. usually the same as the unit percentages

unit type:percentage(0-1)|additional unit types


distance between units







formation text files also need a .png image with the same name

Singleplayer map can be changed by going into OtherLoadableTextures folder and changing the SinglePlayerMap.png file.  If the file is missing, a random map will be generated everytime you play singleplayer

Published Oct 05, 2017
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Multiplayer, rts, Singleplayer, total-war, War
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer


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Bro this is a fucking awesome game. Been playing it for hours now. Keep working on it!  

Some suggestions:

  • Better unit selection: make it so units are selected when even barely inside the selection square, i'm pretty sure that it only selects them if you select the center, feels kind of unresponsive that way. 
  • Better combat: It would be cool if right clicking on a unit would make other units continually attack them instead of having to make them push every time the enemy unit gets away.
  • Better graphics: The graphics are too simplistic lol. I get that you are going for a historia civilis feel, but he gets away with is because he has cool stories and shit. I do art, so if you need any help, just hit me up :)
  • More units: Add a few more units. Chariots, Macedonian phalanx with longer spikes that slows the enemy, Light and heavy cavalry, etc.
  • Factions: Self explanatory. Spice it up by adding Rome, Macedon, Persia, Gaul, etc. Each faction should have different units, like persian immortals, roman legionnaires, macedonian companion cavalry, etc. It would add a ton more interest and replayability.

do you have one that works for 32bit computer this one only works for 64bit???


lol get a better toaster fag

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Love this fantastic game, has done a lot already and can only get better with time. 

I think highlighting selected troops would be a great next step as it is currently  impossible to tell identical groups apart

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+1 for selection indicators. Great game!